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How to make sure lessons have a greater focus on the acquisition of knowledge?

Posted 21/2/2019

If we are to create a knowledge rich-curriculum we must help pupils to remember more essential subject vocabulary and knowledge during their lessons.

Following on from the previous blog we must make sure lessons do not excessively overload pupils’ working memory, but pupils must use their working memory in planned sequenced units of learning to effectively build and remember key knowledge.

Our aim in knowledge rich teaching is to alter long term memory and this in simple terms means “knowledge should stick in pupils’ memory”.


Research shows that alteration to pupils’ long-term memory will be supported by pupils making revisits to subjects’ they have previously been taught to complete recall activities and questions. This does not mean pupils have to undertake full formal tests during recall revisits, but instead it may be more effective for this to be a low stake quiz.


We are experimenting across our teaching school with four recall revisits during each school year for the main units of work completed at increasingly spaced time intervals. Planning sequenced work units with linked recall visits is a challenge in KS2 foundation subjects and we will return to this area in a future blog.


To embed more knowledge-rich teaching, we are experimenting with a new lesson evaluation template. This is designed to support teachers to move to a more knowledge focused approach that also develops skills.


See a section from the draft lesson evaluation template below.














If you would like to see the full template, please contact


We need to refine our teaching pedagogy so it supports the acquisition of knowledge.

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